Hello Dog and Cat lovers !  My name is Doug and I am a dog guy, I will admit.   However, I have met a few cool cats in my day and have a neighborhood fav named Peetie who likes to hunt for voles under my fence.  Way to go, Peetie!

At any rate, I have had a few great dogs in my life and will be sharing stories about them in my blog.   I will be encouraging others to shares their stories as well, and we will post them for others to enjoy.  You can see on the home page that when you scroll down to this welcome message, a screen wide photo of my little buddy ‘Molly’ is revealed.  She is the current four legged queen around here, and a funny little duck she is.  Look for more Molly pics and Mollyisms in the blog.

While you are on the site, please check out the blog for interesting articles on dogs and cats, and reviews of products that you might find interesting for your four-legged friends.  We do have a store for you to shop from if you are inspired to do so, and we would appreciate your patronage and use of the links and advertisements on the site as well.  It is not very often that one can do what truly inspires them, and actually make a few bucks at it, so thanks in advance for your support.

Enjoy our site!  We will keep it current with both curated and original content, with the intent that our visitors will find all of the petgearhere that they need to keep their pet healthy, happy, and content

Ps:  we like to share the love around here , so a big shoutout to maja7777 on Pixabay for the awesome header photo on display.  I’ll bet you are as impressed as I with the author’s eye.  Enjoy the pic and give maja7777 some love on Pixabay if you get a chance 🙂

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